How It Works

The SureCrypto ecosystem comprises various platforms and products whose core purpose is to redefine Crypto Gaming while solving the major issues facing the industry. These platforms are individually unique and perform complete functions and services on their own while playing their parts in bringing unmatched Gaming experience to the Crypto Community. These platforms are backed by a Cross-Chain stablecoin protocol that is governed by the project community.

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Token Allocation Summary

The SURE token is the Native token of the SureCrypto Project. SURE Token is created to be Multi-Chain and Cross-Chain Compatible and we serve as the governance token of the SureCrypto Ecosystem.

We have created this token with the goal of ensuring that users are able to utilize it in the SureCrypto ecosystem. SURE gives major rights to it's holders enabling them take part in the project decision making in order to shape the future of the protocol and enjoy benefits from the project. SURE will also serve as the major currency to facilitate fees, stake, form, store and trade in the ecosystem. We created a total of 500,000,000 SURE.

Token Sale 33%
Liquidity 30%
Marketing 15%
Team and Project Development 22%

How The Ecosystem Works

The Ecosystem introduces three (3) individually unique platforms that collectively serve the game hubs purpose

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