The SureBank is the SureCrypto DEFI room for yield farming, time based staking, pools and various other DEFI services.

Get more info on how the DEFI bank works

Some people are yet to understand the concept of Decentralized Finance, so, we came up with the name SureBank instead. Since they already know what a bank is and what banks offer, we think this is a little but significant detail in order to understand the Decentralized side of Banking that Crypto brings to the table. SureBank is simply the DeFi room of the SureCrypto’s ecosystem.

This involves
Yield Farming
Time Based Staking

Yield Farming:
Generating yield is the norm in crypto land with different projects across various chains using it as Bank’s alternative of locking up their assets and getting ROls. Unlike the Banks though, Crypto is very generous in these returns. For SureCrypto, you provide Liquidity in o DEX protocol (name will be communicated later), get your liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens) and stake them in the SureBank Forms. For starters, LPs will be in the following pairs; Sure/BNB LP, Sure/BUSDLP In the future, more trading pairs will be added as the ecosystem grows and the project secures partnerships.

Time Based Staking
This will simply involve locking up some of your SURE tokens for a specific period of time WITHOUT installing it. Unstaking can actually happen but will come with a kind of disloyalty fee.

The proposed time for the lock will be between 3-6 months. Of course expect this to come with unbelievable APYS. This will encourage people to lock up their tokens and at the same time take a potential huge number of SURE out from the Total Supply for the said period of time.

This will be where our token Holders stake their SURE and tokens from partnered projects to earn more SURE as well as tokens from other projects (possibly future partners). As the SureCrypto ecosystem develops, more stoking pools will be created for partnered projects where users can provide liquidity on a DEX and stake to earn different coin/tokens as the case may be. Tokens that will be featured in these pools will be voted in by the SureCrypto community through the voting platform and will also get exclusive attention on our independent decentralized blog.

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