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SureBlog is an independent decentralized Crypto News/Blog created by the SureTeam to provide users with current, trending and live crypto news, updates and analysis. The SureBlog will also create an enabling environment for news writers, article creators, content creators and crypto analysts to post their news, articles ,contents and analysis to SureBlog users. Readers can react, comment or discuss any of the crypto news, articles and contents posted on the SureBlog and will be provided with the ability to tip the creator of such content for their amazing work.
Users can also rate contents based on how useful, authentic, important and accurate they are. This will help us to narrow down what our readers seem to be more interested, invested in and attracted to.

SureBlog Project Research Centre:
If You are a newbie in crypto, you must have come across the word DYOR which stands for Do Your Own Research. This is very important for anyone who wants to throw in money into any project out there.
There are thousands of Crypto projects and it’s important for people to understand that most of those are either straight up scams or time bombs waiting to explode. This is why it’s very important to conduct intensive research and study before you put a dime into that project someone convinced you would make you an overnight millionaire. So, we come up with SureBlog Project Research Centre, a place where you practically have access to detailed information about your favorite project, an upcoming project or already existing but potentially disruptive project (low caps) that is yet to gain major crypto influencers’ attention or ones that Crypto Twitter(CT) are yet to start making serious noise about. Information can be gotten from Projects Telegram groups, medium articles, AMAs, YouTube interviews etc.


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