The SureGame hub is the multi-chain gaming metaverse of the SureCrypto project with inbuilt play-to-earn games, DEFI bank, and NFT marketplace.

I must explain to you how this Metaverse works

The SURE Team is building an ecosystem that would bring Gaming, DeFi and NFT Creation/Collection under one roof “The SureGame Hub”. This will be achieved by building a Crypto Game Emulator, a Multichain wallet and An NFT Marketplace all in one Game Hub, DEFI is not left out. This would ensure that the hub is an all-in-one solution forGamers, Game developers, Gaming NFT Creators, NFTCollectors and DeFi investors.

The SureGame Hub is simply a Crypto game emulator with an inbuilt wallet and NFT Marketplace where NFT games, DeFi games, multiplayer games, Casino, Bets and other crypto related games will be listed by various game developers and played by Gamers on the Game Hub. The SureGame Hub will enable Game developers to apply, list, test and integrate their games, Casinos, Betting and gambling platforms on the Hub for millions of crypto gamers to play and earn.

Aside from performing the complete functions of a Crypto Game Emulator, the SureGame Hub will be equipped with the following features
-Inbuilt Multi-chain Wallet
-NFT Marketplace
-Stablecoin Protocol
-DeFi Services


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