SureNFT provides the NFT functionalities to the SureCrypto ecosystem featuring NFTs for utility, gaming NFTs and more

Let me simplify what we mean by SureNFT

For us, we believe NFTs are nothing if you can’t use them for anything. Unless you are a collector, NFTs without any form of utility doesn’t really excite anyone. From above, you will notice we’ve already highlighted features and use cases of the NFTs that will be incorporated into the SureCrypto Ecosystem In SureCrypto, we want to build NFTs for the community and based on future partnerships we can extend and expand its use case to partner projects. This is why we came up with different utility based categories for our NTFs.
Gaming NFTs
NFTs forSure Drop and Governance NFTCommunity Competition

Each of these NFTs will have 3 categories

Each category depicts how the NFT will be used based on how long a loan will last, collateralization ratios, the amount of Sure Drops to be received and the voting power holder can command.

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